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Cognitive Solutions for Cognitive Buildings

Scalable, Cost-Effective and interoperability for Cognitive Buildings

EisBaer / LorBaer connectivity, delivers reliable plug-and-play connectivity for Cognitive buildings which can be easily retrofitted in various building and facility styles


Presence Detection

  • Monitor Presence in various building zones.

  • Pinpoint over-used and under-used areas to better control contact tracing measures, Janitorial services  and to minimize unnecessary maintenance and energy usage.

Cognitive HVAC Control

  • Measure temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting in remote building areas for decentralized, field level control of the HVAC.

  • Reduce utility costs and carbon footprint, while maximizing occupant Safety, Comfort and Efficiency .

Dynamic Predictive Maintenance

  • Simplify the management and service life of facilities such as elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment.

  • Dynamically monitor issues that may require intervention before failures occur and schedule proactive condition-based maintenance records.

Dynamic Monitoring of AIQ

  • Dynamicaly monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) conditions to improve the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants and reduce risks of developing respiratory symptoms

Interoperable Access Control

  • Interoperability between alarm systems from smoke detectors to open window/door detectors.

  • Trigger alerts upon intrusive and dangerous incidents.

  • Send regular reports on emergency lighting and enable access systems for employees and visitors.

  • Integrate Cameras and other visual means.


Expose Water Leaks to Prevent Damage

  • Prevent the smallest leaks from anywhere and in a matter of seconds utilizing leak sensors and moisture sensors.

  • Integrate with EisBaer to set up automatic responses like shutting off the supply valve or HVAC equipment to prevent widespread and costly damage.

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