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Ever changing Operating Conditions & Insufficient Communications Infrastructure

Cognitive solutions are at the core of all that we do at Automated Technology Company. Our main goal is finding cognitive ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Below you will learn more about the technology behind our Company, or you can get in touch to let us help with your next project.

  • Increase visibility and integrity of your assets from pumps and compressors, to pipes and tanks.

  • Monitor key factors like remote pressure, temperature, flow rate, and leakage.

  • Get notified of abnormal events to prevent hazards and production loss.

  • Proactively schedule maintenance.

  • Utilize AI for Dynamic Predictive maintenance.

  • Consumption monitor with trend calculation per channel

  • Creation of virtual measuring groups

  • Inputs for measured values, counter readings and S0 [pulse] signals

  • Plotter with data logging of measured values in databases

  • Track lone worker in real-time for fall detection emergency distress indicators.

  • GPS and trigger emergency signals when an accident or “out-of-normal” incident occurs.

  • Monitor environmental conditions such as air quality or gas concentration level to alert workers of potential hazards and ensure timely evacuation of dangerous sites.

  • Gain Dynamic insights into the status of your equipment and its operating condition. 

  • Identify causes of past failures and predict future failure probability to schedule maintenance.

  • Minimize costly downtime.

  • Fault report management with recording of messages according to DIN 19235

  • Machine data acquisition and evaluation

  • Process optimization

  • Notification by email, push or SMS text

  • Alarm server connection with shift plans

  • Operating hours calculation –maintenance information

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