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EisBaer SCADA V3 - Visualisation software

The state of the art visualization for all types of buildings and the possibility to connect various systems.



The software is a modern and affordable software for visualization and automation of intelligent buildings and facilities. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the central monitoring and controlling of technical processes using a computer system.

Its activities range from individual rooms or machines, flats and homes to the largest and most modern buildings and building complexes. The comfortable graphical editor improves the generation of surfaces with a flexible menu structure, practical layout tools and user-defined function templates.

Interfaces to a variety of control- and IT-systems, make the software to a universal building management platform.



The technical basis is the Microsoft® .NET Framework, the basis of all innovative Microsoft® server and desktop operating systems. C # and XML are worldwide standards and form the basic software structure. This allows, by the component-oriented development, the creation of own components and the integration of functional modules of other providers.
With the possibility to integrate various systems like KNX (EIB), Modbus, DMX, DALI,digitalSTROM, BACnet, LON (OPC), C-bus, IRTrans, Multi-IO-IP, etc., the software can be used as a gateway in the building system technology as a universal networking platform. All interfaces are avaible for use  in the editor software.
The also included three OPC clients make the software compatible with almost all current technical systems. OPC provides a worldwide standard for process communication.
With an optional infrared gateway, a bidirectional connection of devices of consumer electronics and media technology of all manufacturers is easily possible. For our international projects the software can be customised in different languages.

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