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Highland Hills, OH

Highland Hills is an exciting project for ATC to showcase all the technology we have to offer.
This beautiful, expansive building is home to ABB's Industrial Automation Headquarters. HVAC, Lighting, and much more applications were used as listed below. 

· 2100 KNX devices


· 3425 Dali interior lights


· 225 Exterior lights including Parking lot


· 5 ABB signs operated


· Lighting: Switching, Dimming, Light Scenes, Constant Light Control, Parking and perimeter lighting with Geo location dusk to dawn.


· Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control


· Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning VAV boxes: Belimo LMV-D3-KNX Controller/ Damper actuator, ABB ES/S4.1.2.1 Electronic Switch Actuator,4f,1A, MDRC, Sierra Monitor BACnet MS/TP Routers


· Security and Safety: Emergency Lighting, Supervision (e.g. Cameras) , Interaction with HVAC/Lighting


· Operation and Visualization: PC Visualization, Mobil Phone, Tablet, Touch Panels & Display Panels, ATC Ascend powered by Eis Baer


· Automation and Remote Access: System Supervision ATC Ascend powered by Eis Baer


· Energy Management/ ABB E-Max2: Visualization ATC Ascend powered by Eis Baer


· EV Charging ABB Tera 53: Visualization ATC Ascend powered by Eis Baer


Joplin, MO

Gilton, one of ATC's latest projects, has lots of industrial automation technologies on display. From Silos to drives, ATC is working hand in hand with Gilton to enhance the speed and efficiency of production.

The Runaround

The Runaround is a sleek running gear store local to Joplin, MO. ATC has installed a custom lighting solution to add to the existing immaculate aesthetic. Below are some pictures capturing some of the highlight installments.

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