The first priority of our business and platform is to allow our customers to feel safe and secure in their buildings.



Our second priority is to maximize comfortability in your building with our automation.



Last but not least, is efficiency. We aim to give our customers impressive ROI, as well as aiming for overall net-zero performance.

Building Solutions & Services

How do we achieve our customer's bottom-line?

Intelligent Integration

ATC Solution Offering

  • Typically provides an ROI of less than 5 years, while protecting your investment for future renovations via open standards and proven technology partner

  • ‚ÄčAutomatically executes LOAD SHEDDING, eliminating unnecessary loads when approaching peak intervals, to save 30% in utility peak demand charges

  • Reduces installation costs (lighting circuit wiring, switches and labor) and operational costs up to 50%

  • Improves power (factor) quality and length of time a device or load consumes electricity

  • Set alarms when a device fails or malfunctions, thereby proactively avoiding guest complaints

  • Transfers key performance data of equipment for maintenance management regime

  • Provides building owners and managers with data for making future decisions and plans Enterprise Level across your portfolio

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