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ATC Remote Support

ATC provides remote support for installations and applications of the Ascend platform. If you are in need of assistance please contact ATC and use the portal link down below for support.

Laptop and Notebook

Let us Help You

in three quick steps:

Marble Surface

Notify us by email

Marble Surface

Set up the portal

Marble Surface

Wait for help

We'll respond and help ASAP

With the instructions below


All you have to do is download and start the web support program - it will not be installed but only started - and can run on all common Windows computers.

Through a secure and encrypted connection, we can then access your desktop interface over the Internet as you follow each step.

Arrange and start a web support session

To initiate a support session, you must do two things in preparation:

Download the web support program on the computer for which you need the help of our support team. Of course, this computer must be accessible via the Internet. When you start the program, it will tell you our phone number in the start screen. Call us at this to arrange a remote session with our support.

As long as this ID is not known, no connection to your computer can be established. Once a connection to this machine has been initiated, Support will try to work with you to find a solution or help you.

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