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KNX / EisBaer

Introduction to KNX

This is a KNX Training seminar, designed for those who want a good overview of KNX and how it can help with projects.
We cover : the fundamentals of KNX; how to design a systems for lighting,
shading and HVAC; take a look at a live system and remote access to a project, specifyingtext for KNX; product selection.
The introduction is a 2-hour Training equipped with products, visuals and plenty of
opportunity for Q&A


Introduction to EisBaer


Interactive training consisting of practice, presentations, and do-it-yourself.This is a
2-hour Introduction training with on hands training with the use of EisBaer.

• EisBaer Scada, installation, and scope of services

• EisBaer Scada Interfaces
• EisBaer Scada, installation, and scope of services
• Coupling to KNX
• Opportunity for Detailed Q&A to help you understand system
offerings and capabilities.


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